" The classes within the UA Sales Program are challenging, but they prepare you for real life sales scenarios, and for that it's worth every minute of effort." ~ Caroline '20

Companies get to attend a full day of classes with Sales students and tell them about their company and the opportunities and experience they have within their careers.

The Sales Program Career Fair is a job/internship fair that occurs twice a year and allows companies and students to network and get connected.

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MKT 337 - Intro to Professional Selling

Joe Calamusa

MKT 337 teaches you a fundamental sales process by completing sales role play performances in person, via phone, and over email.  The selling scenarios are created by us, with companies, using real products and realistic customers.  The company, customer, and product or service changes with each performance, while the process remains the same.

MKT 437 - Advanced Selling

Lexi Edwards

In MKT 437, you take those fundamentals learned in MKT 337 and add new concepts to progress your selling skills.  Your products become more complex, your customers ask more questions, and your price must be negotiated.  Advanced selling uncovers concepts like business development, negotiation techniques, team selling, competitive mapping, and relationship building.

MKT 438 - Sales Management 

Lexi Edwards

In Sales Management, you learn to hire, lead, coach, and manage salespeople utilizing similar concepts in traditional selling scenarios from your introductory classes. This class takes the communication skills you have already learned, and puts a management spin on them. In each of your role play performances, you are integrating management skills like leadership communication, talent acquisition, matrix motivation, collaborative coaching, and skills development.

MKT 439 - Sales Strategy

Randi Hamm

MKT 439 introduces you to the business or strategy behind selling.Your role play performances require you to consider new concepts like time management, territory management, account management, decision center, and selling styles.  Learn how the use or misuse of your time and resources can impact your entire group of customers.

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