Our Approach

Our teaching approach is rooted in corporate-sponsored selling scenarios and role plays.  Our 4 courses require students to prepare and perform 6 selling interactions that are unique to each course.  Our approach is a progression.  We begin with fundamental selling skills and interactions, then challenge students to grow through advanced selling concepts and scenarios.  Students then apply their selling skills to leadership interactions as they learn to be an effective Sales Manager.  Lastly we progress to sales strategy through the most advanced concepts and processes.

Career Fair 

The Sales and Marketing Career Fair is a job and internship fair that occurs once per semester.  The event allows 50 companies and 500 students to get connected.

Classroom Visits

Companies who sponsor Classroom Scenarios attend a full day of classes with Sales students.  Visiting companies tell students about their organization and the opportunities available.

About Us

The Sales Program teaches students through experiential learning and provides platforms for companies and students to connect.

For more information on how your company can get involved- reach out to Lexi below!
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