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About Us

Our Approach: 

Our teaching approach is rooted in corporate-sponsored selling scenarios and role plays.  All four of our courses require students to prepare and perform 6 selling interactions that are unique to each course that will better prepare them for real world selling interactions. Our approach is a progression.  We begin with fundamental selling skills and interactions, then challenge students to grow through advanced selling concepts and scenarios.  Students then apply their selling skills to leadership interactions as they learn to be an effective Sales Manager.  Lastly we progress to sales strategy through the most advanced concepts and processes.

Who We Are:

The Sales Program does two things: we teach students and we provide jobs. We teach students to sell products and ideas by creating corporate-sponsored selling interactions for them to execute in real time. These interactions can be in person, over the phone, and through email.  Our goal is to prepare students for that first full-time sales position. We provide jobs by connecting students to over 50 companies per semester through Career Fairs, Classroom Visits, and other mentoring opportunities.  We want students to show off those role play skills!

Meet our Directors:

Meet our Team: 

Our team consists of grad assistant, corporate assistants, academic assistants and our brand manager. Although our team changes from year to year, we pride ourselves on our positive workplace culture and ability to work hard and have fun consecutively.